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18 years ago, a ban on the use of pesticides in tea?

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Close paragraph of time, have been strictly banned in tea plant pesticide & ldquo; three dicofol & rdquo; resurgence news from the State Food and drug administration, since the beginning of this year have more tea enterprises production tea batches were found to contain & ldquo; three dicofol & rdquo; and the individual products seriously overweight.

But does it mean that there is a big risk of drinking tea? Experts believe that the detection of three of the alcohol, can not prove that tea cultivation must use this pesticide.

No 18 years detection still remains

Early in June 1997, the Ministry of agriculture will be issued a document, the provisions of & ldquo; agricultural administrative departments at all levels to strengthen on the use of triclosan kill mite alcohol of supervision and management, to take various forms of farmers to carry out publicity and guidance, is strictly prohibited in tea using dicofol mite alcohol. ” from the file is forbidden on the use of the tea tree three.

However, up to this year, there are still tea sampling the existence of three chlorine. On July 7, the State Food and Drug Administration announcement shows, Anhui Fuyang a store sales & ldquo; cherish the memory of Jiangnan & rdquo, Tieguanyin contains triclosan alcohol that kill mite; July 1, Beijing store sales & ldquo; Alice & rdquo; Tieguanyin, & ldquo; Alice & rdquo; no two jasmine tea spring tea has also been detected in containing dicofol mite alcohol.

Three dicofol has permanently disable

Why 18 years of prohibition, but also detected residues? The Ministry of agriculture planting industry management division this year released a report that “ three &rdquo, the report said, in some areas, due to the use of three chlorine in cotton, apple and other crops are still relatively large, the elimination of “ enterprise product structure adjustment, industrial upgrading, alternative products using high cost, low awareness of farmers;.

Reporter survey found, until the permanent shutdown before, our country only Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd. registration production trichloro chlorfenethol TC, in the effective registration status of the drug product 36 and chlorpyrifos and preparation production showed declining trend. And the data from the 2012~2013 survey showed that most of the region of the pesticide market has not been three of the sale and use of pesticides.

In view of South China Agricultural University Tea Research Institute fan Rong Cao, because many areas of tea cultivation is the cultivation of individual investors, do not rule out the individual retail & ldquo; less understanding & rdquo; and in the tea planting process using dicofol mite alcohol, if the enterprise from these farmers to buy tea may produce containing dicofol mite alcohol of tea.

May be due to adjacent fruit using

More than a lot of tea detected three of the residue, is not it means that the use of tea there is a great risk?

Cao Fanrong believes that the tea contains three of the reasons for the existence of a variety of chlorine, such as the existence of the soil, such as some of the nearby trees are used, through the wind and water passed to the tea plant, sprayed on tea, can lead to the detection of three chlorine in tea.

“ of course, three of the pesticides, which are harmful to the human body. & rdquo; however, fan Rong Cao also think do not have to worry too much, tea is usually soaked in water to drink, including three chlorine alcohol that kill mite,, many pesticides are more difficult to dissolve in water, even if found in tea pesticide residues, but in the bubble tea content is minimal.

“ therefore, it was also called for the detection of tea, rather than the detection of tea itself. If it's really harmful, unless you have tea. &rdquo Cao Fanrong.