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The name and reality of Wuxi tea

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On August 10, a new session of the & ldquo; Cup & rdquo; as a result after the announcement, real estate tea did not like that in previous years the harvest of the one-sided praise. On the contrary, it has attracted a lot of questions. In a tea topic is not considered a hot season, “ &rdquo, the tea cup, the assessment of an accident caused a heated discussion with tea.

Part of tea friends of Wuxi tea brand to obtain higher winning rate and happy at the same time, another part of the users feel puzzled: Grand Prize, prize list, why so many award-winning brand in life didn't heard? Why in addition to buds Yangxian snow, Taihu Cuizhu such large category, my mind really can not think of Wuxi has what the well-known tea brand?

Newspaper Taihu weekly published in August 14th "&ldquo award-winning tea estate; ” but why difficult a big brand? "After the report, a stone arouses thousand waves, causing the reader's wide hot debate. Many people have their own views through the phone, the micro channel public number and e-mail.

See on the net newspaper reported, Yixing City Longbei Forest Hill tea for people Zhao Yongling in Inner Mongolia on a business trip, he before the plane, through the newspaper micro channel message, the public said: winning, but not a big brand, this topic is worth discussed & hellip; & hellip; < br / >
Observation of a people in the industry, for many years, every year nearly 30 a total award, is without doubt the dominating the domestic tea appraisal ranking list in the forefront, Wuxi tea finally attracted the public questioned for the brand effect of poor. This seemingly casual, actually reflects the years of real estate &ldquo &rdquo tea; nuqibuzheng mood; total outbreak. Wuxi tea enterprises should reflect on.

- “ pick out “ ” &rdquo in the cup;?

On August 18, located in Yixing Longbei Forest Hill Park office, Zhao's aura God set busy fiddling with purple sea tea pot, boiled water pot thrown over the rounded behind her, began steeping tea leaves. On the desk of the tea on the packaging: a pot of good tea. Now Yixing teapot fame famous at home and abroad, a lot of people not without regret to pointed out that the teapot is due to tea and health, kettle and tea the reputation, but has a long history of Yixing Yangxian tea fame lags far behind in the teapot.

From the point of view of the citywide, urban area of tea planting area close to 1 million mu, and Yixing 70000 acres of tea plantations, Wuxi indisputably become the largest tea producing areas in Jiangsu, but also the important tea consumption area. But has been both the city or Yixing,. Although there are no tea, Taihu Cuizhu, buds Yangxian snow and important category, but no breed and region matched well-known tea brand.

The contradiction with the brand effect is not good, in the years of “ ” evaluation, Wuxi many tea brands have won numerous awards, ranking is absolutely in the first echelon of domestic tea producing area. The public will inevitably question: why many winners, but the lack of heavyweight brands?

Including Zhao Yongling, including Wuxi, a number of tea enterprises in charge pointed out that the original evaluation award, it should be noted that the tea quality, exquisite workmanship, technical skills, marking the advanced productivity, but many people do not know, the current participation in the evaluation of tea is not equivalent to the market to buy consumer goods tea.

“ ‘ ’ the tea cups. & rdquo; said Zhao Yongling. Since many years ago to participating & ldquo; Cup & rdquo; after winning the award, and produces local after Yang Xiancha another ancient tea category Jie tea and famous Longbei Forest Hill tea, no longer participating.

Reporters in the Xishan District Doosan some tea enterprises to understand, many tea enterprises choose to participate in competitions of tea, from tea, tea and Fertilization on the full article, production process, but also from season, weather, picking standard, and the furnace grasp the sense of propriety, at least on more than 5 pounds dry tea to choose from. Most important, made the tea, the tea picking, which is more to work, with a pair of tweezers, carefully pick, a person, a day is only picking out yiliangduo length color thick peak significantly millidegree basically consistent with that of dry tea. So and so, a pound of appraisal tea, two people, normal 4 days can be completed. In the industry as saying, a pound of tea, the cost of more than 2000 yuan.

    “ in fact, the participating market sales of tea and tea are two different things. & rdquo; Xishan District Zhuyun farm garden responsible for making said, multi award winning does not mean that companies will be able to provide consumer recognition of tea products, this is a lot of people do not know the inside story.