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Tea to revive the "red" and "black"

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“ Hubei tea red and black well-off, should focus on the development of. & rdquo; yesterday, in the province Lu YuCha culture research organization of a large tea cultural activities, Ministry of agriculture, well-known tea, Liu nianyan for the development of Hubei tea industry pulse. Currently our province tea production in ranked fourth in the country, but compared to the West Lake Longjing, Tieguanyin, tea, etc., in the country called loudly brands, with sales of the province. Liu Nianyan said, Hubei Enshi jade, red brick tea, should also have the profound historical culture, has the potential to the country. “ Hubei tea industry should flow, improve the stability of Green Tea, Oolong Tea, focusing on the development of Black Tea and black tea.
Yesterday, the Provincial Department of agriculture related responsible person, with the rise of Hubei tea culture, the end of this year, Hanyang, Huangpi and other places will continue to open a new professional tea market. By then, Wuhan's professional tea market will reach 11, not only to meet the needs of the public's tea consumption, but also to strengthen the Wuhan “ Oriental Tea port ” status.